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Welcome to the Bohn Group homepage!

The Bohn Research Group is composed primarily of chemists and chemical engineers; we have also previously hosted visitors from the fields of materials science, physics, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and even psychology. Our research interests lie in using the tools of molecular nanotechnology to define the state-of-the-art in chemical analysis of mass-limited-samples. Relying on a strong background in nanofabrication, high sensitivity molecular spectroscopy, and electrochemistry, we focus on problems in the areas of: (1) low-dimensional analytical electronics and photonics, (2) sensors and imaging.


Demographically, our group currently consists of 3 men and 4 women. We have 1 assistant research professor, 1 postdoctoral associate, 5 grad students, and a faculty coordinator who tries to keep our chaos to a minimum. We are also a diverse microcosm of the world - we come from the US, India, Korea, and Germany.


We have strong connections to both the Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering (College of Engineering) and the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry (College of Science) at Notre Dame. Our group thus brings together researchers across disciplinary boundaries, departments, and colleges. In addition, we are closely associated with Notre Dame's Berthiaume Institute for Precision Health, one of the inaugural strategic research initiatives started by the University in 2008. With our sights set on treating diseases with personalized medication in the future, Notre Dame's Precision Medicine group actively seeks out a way in which various diseases can be identified at the molecular level. With this information, your personalized treatment will have the best chance at success, lower trial-and-error rates, fewer side effects and more precision. The group is also closely connected with the Center for Bioanalytic Metrology, partially led by Dr. Bohn. This center brings together researchers from Purdue University, Indiana University, the University of Notre Dame and those from ~15 life science and biotechnology partners and ~6 analytical instrumentation partners, creating an ecosystem for innovation.




December 2021

November 2021

  • November 22 found the Bohn Group celebrating with colleague Seol Baek after she successfully defended her PhD dissertation, entitled "Selective Ion Transport Control and Single Molecule Dynamics in Nanopore Electrode Arrays."  Cheers and congratulations to you, Dr. Baek!

October 2021

August 2021

July 2021

  • We wish hearty congratulations to Jin Jia for passing his defense and obtaining his PhD in Chemistry!  The group is thrilled that Dr. Jia will remain with us as a Postdoctoral Associate, and we look forward to our continued collaboration.

June 2021

  • Congratulations to Anne Do on successfully defending her dissertation this month and obtaining her doctorate in Chemistry!  Dr. Do has accepted a position with Entegris as an Analytical Chemist.  We hate to see her go, but we send her off with all of our best wishes, knowing she is at the start of a long and successful career. 

  • Congrats to Dr. Vignesh Sundaresan for receiving a 2021 SEAC Presentation Award at Pittcon 2021 for his exposition on "Electrochemical Control of pH in Attoliter Volumes to Study pH-dependent Single Enzyme Activity."  Well done, Vig!

  • A warm welcome to the newest member of the Bohn Research Group, Julius Reitemeier.  Julius joins us from Heidelberg University, Germany, where he completed his bachelor's and master's degrees in Chemistry.  More information about his research interests can be found on our "Current Members" page.

May 2021

  • May is a bittersweet month as the Bohn Group bids a fond farewell to two of its graduates.  Linh To leaves with her Master of Science in Chemistry, and Abby Cao has attained the Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry.  Abby will be taking her skills to Sterling Pharma Solutions where she will begin her professional career as an Analytical R&D Scientist.  Abby and Linh, we congratulate you both on your significant achievements and wish you every future success!

  • Read Abby Cao's latest research in the Journal of Chemical Physics:

April 2021

  • The Society for Electroanalytical Chemistry has awarded Dr. Bohn the 2022 Charles N. Reilley Award.  Given in memory of one of the most distinguished analytical chemists of the 20th century, this award recognizes significant contributions to the field of electroanalytical chemistry.  We celebrate this well-deserved honor for our fearless leader!

  • Abby Cao passed her oral defense in early April.  Congratulations on your achievement, Abby!

  • Seol Baek passed her candidacy exam this month.  Congratulations on this important step, Seol!

February 2021

January 2021

December 2020

  • This month, the 319 Bohn research lab achieved Biosafety Level 2 certification.  Researcher Christiana Oh spearheaded this successful initiative, which will allow her to conduct deeper in-house research into cytokine storms.