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Major Instrumentation

Ti:Sapphire Laser

Femtosecond regeneratively mode-locked Ti:sapphire laser (Tsunami - Spectra Physics) pumped by a solid-state diode pumped laser with doubling and tripling crystals covering the spectral ranges 230 - 500 nm, 680 - 1000 nm. The laser supports (among others) a dedicated 2-D optical Fourier transform spectrometer for imaging extraordinary optical transmission through metallic subwavelength aperture arrays.

Confocal Raman Microscope

The alpha 300 Confocal Raman microscope combines a highly efficient Raman Spectrometer with a high resolution confocal optical microscope. This gives the confocal Raman microscope the ability to acquire chemical information non-destructively with a resolution down to ~ 200 nm. This enables the observation  and  analysis  of  the  distribution  of  different  phases  within   a

sample without specialized sample preparation. Because of the confocal setup, it is possible to collect information from the surface and deep inside a transparent sample to obtain three dimensional information. The microscope offers imaging capabilities as well as the collection of Raman spectra at specific sample areas.

Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer (LTQ XL – Thermo Fisher Scientific)

The 2D Linear Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer is used to determine the elemental composition of mass limited samples down to a femtogram. The instrument features dual conversion dynode detectors for enhanced sensitivity, and scans a mass range of 15 - 4,000 m/z. Extended MS  performance provides structural elucidation of biomarkers including small peptides and metabolites. Further, advanced software capabilities allow real-time detection and quantitation of processed analytes produced upstream by microfluidic devices coupled to the system.

Epifluorescent microscope IX-71 (Olympus)

The Epifluorescent microscope is used to obtain brightfield and fluorescence images at magnification 10, 20 and 40x. Microscope is equipped with a two light sources, a lamp for brightfield images and an X-Cite 120 PC system (Exfo) for fluorophore excitation, two filter sets for wavelength discrimination (FITC (41001, Chroma) and TRITC (41002)), and PhotonMax512 CCD camera for image acquisition.


Stand-Alone Equipment

Vacuum Evaporator



Vacuum Deposition System



Potentiostat Station



Carey 5 UV/Visible spectrophotometer



Olympus IX70 inverted system microscope with DP12 digital camera system



Special Instrumentation

Jura-Capresso Impressa F9

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